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The glass jug for my coffee maker broke. Where can I buy a new one?

You can buy glass jugs in our webshop or at most of our distributors.

What is the difference between the KB and the KBC models?

The KBC model has a scale indicator. If you live in an area with hard water, you will need to de-scale your coffee maker regularly. If the scale indicator light comes on, stop using the brewer immediately and contact your nearest service centre.

What should the temperature of the coffee be after it is brewed?

The coffee temperature should stay between 80 and 85 C.

How can I get a new measuring spoon for my Moccamaster?

The correct dosage is 60 grams for each litre of water. Good measuring spoons usually hold 10 grams and can be found in specialist kitchenware shops and well-equipped supermarkets.

Next to the on/off button on my brewer, there is a button showing a full circle or a three-quarter circle. Which one do I use?

This button should be in the three-quarter position only when brewing small quantities of coffee, such as half a litre or less.

Does the coffee depend on which Moccamaster model I buy?

No, all our coffee makers have the same high quality and all our products meet strict European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC) standards.

Is the cleaning agent supplied with the brewer also suitable for de-scaling?

No, this product is only intended for cleaning the coffee maker. We recommend that you do this every two weeks. Both the cleaner and de-scaling products can be bought in supermarkets.

Water has overflowed from the filter holder while brewing. What’s wrong?

Try this: Always use high quality white coffee filters. Use the right dosage (60 grams for each litre of water) and correct grinding (filter grind).

How do I get the dosage right?

Most measuring spoons hold 10 grams, so you should use 6 spoons for each litre of water. Many Moccamaster brewers hold 1.25 litres, in which case you should use 75 grams (7.5 measuring spoons).

What is covered by the 5-year guarantee?

The guarantee covers the brewer itself, while parts like the filter holder, lid and glass jug are not covered

Where can I buy accessories and spare parts for my Moccamaster?

Please contact your local Moccamaster distributor for more information.

When should I use the mid-position of the drip stop on the filter holder?

This can be used when brewing small quantities of coffee or if you brew tea. Tea needs longer contact time than coffee

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