Nine Steps to Perfect Coffee Pleasure

1. Whenever possible, grind your coffee from fresh coffee beans just before making the drink. This assures that the coffee is fresh.

2. Ground coffee looses it's freshness in contact with air. Therefore, store coffee in an air-tight container, protected from light, moisture and odors.

3. Use fresh, cold water for making coffee. Measure the liquid in the water compartment of your coffeemaker with a separate jug. This ensures that your coffeemaker stays clean and the taste of coffee is always fresh.

4. Choose a high quality, odorless and tasteless, oxygen-bleached filter paper.  Taste test your filter paper by soaking it briefly in hot water, leave to cool – and taste.

5. Use the coffeemaker's own coffee measure to dose the ground coffee in. Precise dosing ensures even quality aromas and balanced beverage with each brew.

6. To achieve the best coffee beverage, the water trickling into the filter has to be between 92-96 degrees. Any cooler and it  cannot bring out all the range flavors in coffee;  too hot and the water will bring forth the more bitter aromas.

7.  The correct temperature of the coffee is between 80-85 degrees. Moccamaster coffeemakers are designed to keep the ready-made coffee at the right temperature, so you can enjoy the best coffee cup after cup.

8. The filtering time is also crucial. It is the decisive factor when the very best coffee is being prepared. If the filtering time is too fast, the coffee will be weak. Too long of a time on the other hand will bring out the bitterness of the coffee. Moccamaster makes optimal ten cups in six minutes.

9. Even the best coffeemaker requires regular maintenance and cleaning for it to work reliably. Wash the pot, the filter and their lids after each usage with warm water and detergent. Wash the appliance every two weeks with Clean Drop detergent and descale twice a year.